Western Scholars fear the system competition?

Why the article from Tanner Greer “China’s Plans to Win Control of the Global Order” is a sign of no western self confidence

Does Tanner Greer really knows China and the Chinese mentality or is he just studying statement and articles when he writes that China want win the Control over the global order?

Why is he, as an advocate of the western individuality and democracy, worrying about the activities of the CCP and the rejuvenation of China?

Why is he painting Xi Jinping as the great leader behind all of this? With this description he is simply feeding a narrative of the big boss picture XI never was and never want to be.

It is another story from a western scholar who is convinced that the Chinese way of socialism is evil, compared to the western way of democracy and freedom. But why he has no self confidence that the “better” idea finally will win. Of course, looking on the records, the western ideas produced freedom and also prosperity in many western countries. But its irresponsibility is also the foundation for our fight against the nature, for many wars between different cultures and the real weakness to fight against poverty. Even the richest country in this world is full with a shameful poverty and most people, who died on COVID-19, belong exactly into this group!

It is pure demagogy when he points out that: “Democratization, free markets and universal human rights would no longer be enshrined as the bedrock of the world’s most important international institutions or be seen as the default standards of good governance.“

A statement which shows how small his view on human, social organisation is: Democracy is a wide field and only western thinkers claim for themselves the truth, that democracy can only be established in a so called free election system. Studying the Chinese Idea of a consultative democratically system shows another perspective which brings obviously at the moment very good results, executed from a meritocratic government.

It’s pure demagogy to explain China want to put the concept of humans rights in the corner of history. What are really human rights? Are they first the option of free speech and smearing anybody else or are they the right, to have a free and safe life beside poverty? I agree the discussion about what are human rights should never end, that is the key of our humanity, but the idea that only western countries concepts are correct -where poor people have no safety, where rich people can pay for everything- has nothing to do with human rights. Are human rights universal rights? Than they are also applicable for the weak and the poor people, and here are the Chinese records, during the time the CCP took power, the best China ever had and worldwide competitive. India as the biggest so called democracy, is the best sample in comparison. The situation in the US is also not any argument to condemn China. Yes, China has still deficits, same as the USA and other western countries, but they work steadily to reach a civilized human society.

In fact, Chinese never questioned the liberal order in other countries – they denied only that this concept can be transferred to its own country!

That free markets belong to world most international institutions is questionable. I support the idea that it is important, but compared to human rights and environmental protection they are only a method and not a target. Nevertheless, China was a developing country and is it still in several perspectives. 1.4 bln people to develop is a huge Job and western governments have no experience in it. China is completely supporting the concept of free market and not withdrawing itself from any global trade agreement.

The paper from Tanner Greer is nothing else than another call out of a basket western scholars, who are busy in self-assurance how great they are, ignoring the new developed reality. Instead adjusting there perspective, they just launch a weak complain that Chinese scholars now enter also the global discussion, and call it propaganda.

It’’s amazing and frustrating to see how less self confident the lawyers of the western primacy really are!

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